Book Resources/Curriculums

Book Resources:

  • Vision Forum offers a wide range of genres for boys, girls, and the whole family. As well as wonderful educational tools in all formats.
  • A Beka Book: Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective. 
  • Good Theology: Christian books, music, and great prices!
  • FREE books for bloggers!: Free books in exchange for an honest review on your blog.

Online School resources for 16-18
  • KHAN Academy ~ A free world class education for anyone anywhere. Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free. Khan academy is a library of over 2,800 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.
(Disclaimer: To my knowledge this website is not run by a Christian so the Science and Biology videos are not all on track and talk of natural selection etc. As well as the history of the French Revolution is skewed. Some videos may need viewed by parents before the student.)

  • Penn Foster Career School: Do College Online! When you enroll with Penn Foster, you are choosing a fully accredited education that can help you train for a better job and a better life. Penn Foster is the world leader in distance education. Employers have been hiring our graduates since 1890
  • Dr. George Grant King's Meadow Study Center: A four year moral philosophy curriculum covering the epochs of Antiquity, Christendom, American Culture, and Modernity. I highly recommend this excellent curriculum. It is simple, easy, but highly informative into our history timeline. Dr. Grant's perspective of past events, worldviews, and great people of history is fascinating and will stay with you forever.
  • The History of the World Collection- The powerful messages contained in this complete curriculum series provide a panorama of six thousand years of earth history in a sweeping overview designed to dispel anti-Christian myths of historiography, establish a distinctively biblical grid for interpreting historical events, and cover key themes in the rise and fall of civilizations. Covering the first four millennia of earth history, B.C. contains twenty lectures on topics such as the pre-Flood world, the history of ancient Babylon, the Hebrew nation, the establishment of Rome, and ancient legal systems.