Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler ~ William L. Shirer

In 1934 Germany began to witness persecutions under the man that would forever change the course of history. This small but true account tells of Adolf Hitler who went from a Vienna tramp to the most feared and ironically revered man in Germany.

Looking back at his childhood days, Hitler surprisingly was capable of love and honor, love for his mother, and honoring his father despite their disputes over what he was to become in the future. His love was seen one last time when in 1928 he and his half-niece shared a romance for three years.

Hitler's high hopes for life were becoming a great artist and Catholic priest. But after his mother's death,his grand plans for education were shattered. His spirit greatly discouraged, school grades began plummeting.

Hitler soon became angry at his grades in school, and at being rejected, labeled as one who was "wasting the teacher's time- and his in trying to achieve his great ambition of becoming a painter". At sixteen he decided to make his own way in the world without the further help of an education.

He ran off to Vienna and found whatever work he could.

This book further explains Hitler's odd and uncalled for hatred of the Jews in the world, his cruel injustice for innocence, and the influence one man's passion can evoke.

Through his great oratory and passionate declarations, Hitler succeeded in rousing Germany to stand behind him and his rabble of Nazis. Continuing on in his reign, Hitler murdered millions through his personal passion for revenge and his participation in igniting World War 2.

During WW2 Hitler made this declaration to his generals:
"...I am convinced of the powers of my intellect. No one has ever achieved what I have achieved. I have led the German people to a great height-even if the world does hate us now... I shall shrink from nothing. I shall annihilate everyone who is opposed to me!"
This is a book well worth reading to better understand the man who caused so much terror and catastrophe in the world.

Violence: Throughout the book it talks about the war, strategies of violence and a somewhat gruesome description of the death of various people
Indecency: None
Age interest: 12-adult
My Rating: 4 out of 5


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