Monday, December 6, 2010

The Dragon Keeper Chronicles ~ Donita K. Paul

In Dragon Spell #1 the reader travels to the mysterious land of Amara where creatures and people of all kinds abound, from friendly dragons and curious doneels, and graceful emerlindians to terrifying blimmets, devouring quiss and disgusting mordakleeps. The reader follows Kale, a young orant girl who is trying to make her dull life as a slave as exciting as possible. She could not have imagined what her future held when she soon finds out that she is a Dragon Keeper of Paladin.

In Dragon Quest #2 Kale and an odd assortment of new companions are aiding her on the quest to nurture and train the meech dragon Regidor, as well as serve as an apprentice to the seemingly mindless, but wise wizard Fenworth. But to Kale's disappointment, the Hall is sending a young Knight-to-be whose demeanor is cold and disapproving, to monitor her training as a young wizard. But a new assignment arrives as the companions find out that the Evil Risto has plotted to overtake a meech and use it for his advantage.
Dragon Knight #3 In mountains of solitude, considering the vows he is about to take, Bardon's solitude is suddenly interrupted by an emerlindian and her granddaughter. As the woman pleads aid to free her son, who is in a lone chamber trapped by a spell of sleep, the reluctant Bardon agrees. As the threesome travel, Bardon soon learns that not just one of Paladin's knights lay captive. Finding the chamber, the band discover a dozen knights who lay bound by an unknown spell. And only an age old book, the ink swirling across pages in foreign words, can unlock the captive knights. With no help to this mysterious book, and obstacles arising at every corner, will the quest endure?

In Dragon Fire #4 Three years have gone by since Bardon and Kale have freed the dozen captive knights of Paladin. War rages heavier than before as rival dragons scorch the lands with their fire amid the dual between the husband and wife wizards battle for complete power. Bardon and Kale- now joined in matrimony- are forced to accept separate quests by Paladin. Bardon along with his former companions must bravely lead his troops against the armies of Pretender, while Kale and her father are sent to find dragons and train for Paladin's army against the forces of Risto. Along they way, Kale and her family all learn something about each other that furthers their ability to understand and love.

In Dragon Light #5 as Kale and her father are still at work hatching dragons of all assortments while she develops a stronger affection for her father who she is slowly learning to love. Sir Bardon is a leader among Paladin's knights, and now present in His counsel. But a new search for the meech colony is assembled and Kale and Bardon are part of it. While traveling with their meech friends Regidor and Gilda, their encounters with invisible and dangerous forces are increasing. As the last chapter of the Dragonkeeper chronicles closes, the tale is concluded with all the old friends and an ending touching and victorious!

~My reviews can never do these great works justice, there are so many plots intertwined in one.
These five books are refreshing with an extremely unique plot, and my favorite part, a powerful allegory. None of the content brought any red flags, and it's not filled with inappropriate romance. I don't know if you would even call it this but there is very mild flirting that is far between, and the characters involved in it end up married. From the way the author wrote it, I consider most of it acts of chivalry. Just my opinion.~~~ Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Indecency: None
Violence: Throughout the books there is plenty of fighting but nothing explained too gory
Language: None
Age Interest: 12-16
My Rating: 5 out of 5


Eldarwen said...

Hey Bria! Check out my blog for a surprise! ;)


Milli said...

Those seem really awesome. I'm thinking about reading the series sometime:D Great post!


Maddy said...

Do you feel it is worth investing time into? I wander if it is one of those books like Lord of the Rings--or Harry Potter--does it inspire the right charecter? just asking

Bria said...

Well, it being an allegory, it represents Christian faith, character very much so, and the characters strive to have godly principles and goals just as we do in our Christian walk. The whole plot's goal is to portray Christ and his children.

Some people may find the magic used and the'good wizards' offensive or even criticize me for reading such material, but there is no dark magic. And the way the magic is presented, it is very different from say, as in Harry Potter.

Maddy said...

I am not trying to disagree--I am just asking because I don't know. Jake likes to read things like that-so I was just getting a little further input, Jake is only 10 so maybe he would want to wait. can you think of some exciting books for boys around the age of 10?
thanks-I apreciate your understanding.

Bria said...

Oh I didn't take offense Maddy! I hope you didn't take offense by my answer.
I know you're not disagreeing.

I completely understand why you want a firm grasp of the book and it's beliefs. I too, want to know the kind of material I read before I waste time or money. But this is definitely a favorite.

Bria said...

BTW While you are here, do you know of any good clean Christmas movies? I get so desperate this time of year for that!