Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alone yet not Alone ~ Tracy Michele Leininger

Many of you may have heard of this uplifting, and harrowing true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger. If you have not, this book is a necessity for your family library!

During a beautiful Pennsylvania autumn day 1755, while twelve-year-old Barbara and nine-year-old Regina along with their two brothers and parents worked together in harvesting their bountiful crop, none anticipated the nearing danger that would befall them. Snatched from their family, their home, and everything familiar to them, Barbara and Regina were thrust into a culture foreign to their knowledge. Suddenly, both were separated from the only thing they had left to cling to for comfort--each other. Barbara painfully endures a life of solitude among the Allegheny, solely depending on God for daily strength.

Three years later Barbara and her fellow white captives in the Indian village, gather their strength, their meager provisions, and plot to escape from the world of savages.

"If one could not believe that there is a God, who helps and saves from death, one had better let running away alone...the extreme probability that the Indians would pursue and recapture us, was two to one compared with the dim hope that, perhaps, we would get through...even if we did escape the Indians, how would we ever succeed in passing through the wilderness, unacquainted with a single pather or trail...scarcely any food, the season wet and cold, and many cross." Barbara Leininger
Alone yet not alone am I though in this solitude so drear
I feel my Savior always nigh;
he comes the wary hours to cheer
I am with Him and He with me
I therefore cannot lonely be.

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Indecency: None
Violence: Frequent talk and happenings of Indian raids, main characters threatened, a witness briefly recounting a person killed by fire ( non-graphic), a main character wounded. All of it was non graphic and nothing children couldn't handle.
Language: None
Age Interest: Family
My Rating: 5 out of 5


Farmgirl said...

I love this book! I've read it multipule times!

Sad,but thirlling,exciting,and has a happy ending..somewhat! ;)

I hope everyone reads it!

Katy said...

This book is AMAZING!! :-D I've read it more than once before, and the ending always brings tears to my eyes. I think I'll add this to the list of books I want to re-read in 2011!

~ Katy

Näna said...

My younger sister, Emma, read this book and loved it. The story sounds fascinating but I have a mile high stack of books to read:)

Charity U said...

Mmm, I like this book. :)

Mad said...

I can't wait to read it---I wish our library carried good books like this!
God bless, and I hope all are well at your house Bria.
your Friend <3

Jane said...

This book is SO good!

Savories of Life said...

My sister has this book and says it is good. I really want to read it. Check out my Civil war book reports- more on the way!

Natalie said...

I read this to my kids and we all LOVED it! It's a must-read for sure!