Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crown & Covenant Series ~ Douglas Bond

The Crown and Covenant series follows the generations of the M'Kethe family during the religious persecution of Scotland in the 17th century.

Young Duncan M'Kethe is a spirited lad with his father's passion and zeal for Christ and Covenant. But his belief in "loving your enemies" is tested as he and his family and fellow covenanters endure persecutions of Sir James Turner and his dragoons as they pillage the moors and take and kill whomever they please. It is left to Duncan's sword and his father's wisdom to keep all dear to them out of harm's way while avoiding the outbreak of war.

It is several years past and Duncan's younger brother Angus, is turning into a man and a skilled archer. But dragoons and rebellion have grown thicker as the covenanters still struggle to win freedom of faith and lands against the bloodthirsty Claverhouse. Determined to stand firm, Angus, Duncan and their father and family endure fiery trials and sore losses as they pray for the end of the bloody century to near. Will they succeed in halting deaths while keeping true to Christ's word?

Held with a bond that could never be broken, Angus and Duncan make yet more decisions to stand and fight or flee to America. The M'Kethe family continues to grow and with the numbers, comes unexpected help from the youngest men of the M'Kethe's. Now the King of England is taking a step further by threatening and killing the Covenant church leaders and attempting to completely crush the faithful to Christ once and for all. Battles break out across the moors. The battle of Drumclog holds many bloody deaths and sorrow. Friends and family are being captured and hanged. It's up to Duncan and his wee son Malcolm to rescue Angus after he is captured by the worst of the warlords. Will they succeed before the sunrise hanging? And will the M'Kethe family finally find freedom and relief they have been searching for?

Follow the tales of the M'Kethe's as they live in unity as one in Christ, while dragoons and redcoats around them try to tear every bond the family and community of Christ has, apart.

Holding true to historical events, this series intrigued me because of the tight family bonds in the M'Kethe family and the portrayal of real men of character and maturity. I also love that they are wholesome, God-honoring tales of Presbyterian Scots. It reflects back on a time of heroes burning with zeal for Christ when freedom meant more to people than it does today.

This would be a wonderful addition to the family library.

Indecency: A brother fights to save his sister's virtue, nothing graphic
Violence: Heavy violence involved with battles, talk of hanging, different ways of torture discussed, main characters harmed at times- basically not for the weak stomach :)
Language: A few mild words from the English soldiers
Age Interest: 14-up or whole family
Rating: 5 out of 5


Charity U said...

I enjoyed the first two...haven't read the third. :) Great review!

Katy said...

Thanks for the review! I've read all three of the books and I have to admit, my favorite is probably the second book, with brother Angus and his skill with the bow and arrow. :-D

A great set of books!