Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Phantom of the Opera ~ Gaston Leroux

Do not be betrayed by the seemingly horrific and ghostly title my eager audience! You must not judge a book by it's cover.

Our "ghostly" tale begins in the lovely nineteenth century in the Paris Opera House where is found the young and gifted in beauty and voice, young Christine Daae. When her talent is discovered she becomes the star of the Opera and hundreds flock to see her. But the opera managers must first deal with the elusive and threatening so called presence of the phantom that is feared by all who have heard his story.

Of course the opera managers think it absurd! A phantom in the opera house? Preposterous! Emboldened by their confidence they become daring enough to sell the box that the 'opera ghost' had commanded never be sold. But consequences fall hard upon everyone's head and catastrophe ensues. But only Christine Daae's gifted soprano appeases the Phantom. But Christine's childhood friend and lover, the dashing Count Raol cannot understand why the phantom has such a hold over Christine. Why is she reluctant to share her secrets with him about the phantom? What must Raol do to end this bondage forever and seal Christine's happiness?

(Although I'm not an advocate of romance novels this one is not just dripping with the sappiness and inappropriate nature romance is written with today. And it being a classic, it's acceptable.)

Indecency: A kiss or two exchanged
Violence: Moderate. A character is shot. Two characters are placed in a torture chamber but torture in inflicted by their own insanity.
Language: Several uses of "My God"
Age Interest: 14-adult

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