Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Quote: Where are the Authors?

"Where are the Authors? The world of children's literature today is often fraught with rubbish or, at best, "neutral" stories for children. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with many of these "neutral" stories (and indeed some of them are truly delightful and wonderful stories we grew up with); where are those authors who will set a standard for the writing of godly children's books in the reformed vein?

Where are those who will be brave and daring and write Reformed books for children?—storybooks for us to read to our little boys and little girls?—storybooks of godly family life?—history books that are unafraid to tell history accurately and point out the Providences of God?—biographies of great Christian men and women?—books that are willing to take the fundamental and absolute authority of the Word of God as the fundamental and absolute starting point for children’s literature?

Where are the Authors? Are they nowhere to be found? Is there no one who will advance the Standard of God in the arena of modern children's literature?"

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