Monday, April 16, 2012

Not a Tame Lion ~ Terry Glaspey

"As one of the most brilliant, creative minds of the twentieth century, C. S. Lewis crossed all literary, philosophical, and religious boundaries. His masterpieces have been studied by scholars, yet they are read and loved by children. This volume in the Leaders in Action series shows that his life was as compelling as his work, and why Lewis's influence continues to our day." (Back cover)
This was an astounding read for me. I could not put it down and it captured every part of my love for literature. This book offers something for every kind of reader.

If you are a reader like me who relishes a book that delves into the intricate and profound writings of one of the most beloved authors, this is your book. It's more than just the introduction to Lewis' life; it examines every detail of who Lewis was. Not a Tame Lion examines Lewis' philosophy, worldview, and political beliefs and how he went from a staunch atheist, to a strong, analytical Christian.

"In The Chronicles of Narnia we perhaps get our first glimpse of Lewis' personal faith. A.N. Wilson suggests that "Narnia is the inside of Lewis' mind, peopled with a rich enjoyment of old books and old stories and the beauties of nature." We also see his love for God, his desire for holiness, and the recognition of his own sinful nature. We are able to participate in his childlike wonder in God's mercy as Lewis makes the "old, old story" seem so fresh and new. Lewis addresses the child in the adult and the adult in the child." Book exert
Indecency: The only thing I questioned was the mention of Lewis in his teen years having an infatuation with his young friend's mother (he lived with their family). The nature of their relationship is not understood and later is painted as a deep mother and son relationship since Lewis didn't have a mother growing up. It's only mentioned twice and was a bit disappointing but I looked over it considering how wonderful the rest of the book was. There is also mention of Lewis's strong opinions against sexual promiscuity in talking about his relationship.
Violence: None
Language: None
Age Interest: 18-adult

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