Friday, May 4, 2012

Coronation of Glory ~ Deborah Meroff

Guest Post:

 Coronation of Glory: the Story of Lady Jane Grey 
by Deborah Meroff
by Ciera, age 17

“Lord, keep me true.” Thus says Lady Jane Grey as she is led into a room full of Queen Mary’s robed Catholic priests. Queen Mary declares she will forgive the false charges for treason under one condition, Jane Grey must recant her Protestant faith and confess the queen’s own Catholic one. Set during a time of royalty and power, this book gives us a glimpse into the life of 16-year -old Lady Jane Grey. 

Fifth in succession to the throne, it seems her every decision forces her farther into a world she never wanted to live in. Her only dream was to stay tucked away in the quiet splendor of her family’s home deep in a pocket of green woods, distant from all royalty. 

But her mother’s thirst for power and her father’s desire for money overcome her and she is thrown into high society court at a young age: in hopes of making her royal lineage known and a good match to be made. She was only 13 when she was sent away to become the charge of Lord Thomas and Lady Catherine, distant relations, with the ever sought after high positions and royal rank. Fortunately for young Jane, Lady Catherine, widow of the late King Henry VIII, opens up to her a loving heart, and adopts her as a daughter.

 The scars given her by her own mother begin to heal as she feels loved by this ‘new’ family, despite news of an unavoidable war coming, a war that will split England and rip apart her family forever. This book will take you on a journey of a girl who lost it all in order to gain everything, and the faith given to her to get her there.

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