Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ranger's Apprentice #2: The Burning Bridge~ John Flanagan


The peaceful kingdom of Araluen has prospered with the dark Lord Morgarath  permanently divided by the impassable mountains-made that way fifteen years ago. 
When Will and his battleschool friend Horace embark on a journey to a neighboring village they stumble upon valuable information that means imminent danger to the future of all Araluens. Alone and with no one to guide them, Will and Horace realize they are the only ones that can prevent their king and his forces from being crushed, and ultimately, save the future of everyone.

My friend Jess is also a fan of this series...
"This series contains the cloaked rangers who live in mystery, an orphaned boy with remarkable skills,  a crotchety old man set in his ways, and a whole host of other characters.  The remarkable characters, settings, and plot twists in this series keep you entranced with all eleven books.  I love the humor sprinkled throughout. My siblings and I read the different humorous dialogues aloud to each other as we go. Another thing about the series is how the different people groups are designed around people from history.  As you read the series you encounter the British during the Middle Ages, the Vikings and their warships, and the Japanese with their unique fighting system.

Last, but not least, I love the strong morals, unique work ethic, and the respect of life that all the heroes and heroines show.  The young men, and their older male mentors, have a tremendous respect for women and the lives of others (including their animals).  I really appreciate this in modern books;  it's a rare find.  The women also are feminine, letting the men lead, yet being remarkable strong for the men and helping them with various missions. All in all, I love the Ranger's Apprentice series and I highly recommend it!"

Indecency: Little to none. Mild talk of two people once liking each other.
Violence: Present but not graphic. Sword fights and injuries occur but not explained gory.
Language: This is the one aspect of the book I don't get. The author is so clean and morally sound in these books but for the few peppered curses. Da*m uttered three times. "Good Lord in Heaven". (Though some reverence is given to God at one point so these could be used in the positive way.)
Age Interest: 13-19

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