Saturday, May 4, 2013

Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action ~ Nick Vujicic

Meet Nick Vujicic. A man who was born without arms or legs, and seems to have nothing in life to live for by all appearances. But through this incredible tale of his life, Nick shares that his life is quite the opposite. After reading about Nick's trials and tribulations, it makes one never want to complain again about the silly small things in life we tend to complain of. But through his trials, Nick relates how God used these to strengthen him, and encourage him to 'pick himself back up' in every situation. And he shares how God can do this for others too, if we will only surrender everything to him. No matter what circumstance one is in, Nick encourages you by his awe inspiring faith in what God has done in his life.

I just got done reading this and I could hardly put it down. While it is partly geared towards those who have never heard the message of Christ before, Christians can still benefit from Nick's amazing testimony of his trials through learning to live with joy and understanding God's plan.

Indecency: None
Violence: Nick frequently talks about his almost suicide
Language: None
Age Interest: 16-adult

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