Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: Renaissance and Reformation~ Christine Miller

This is a treasure trove of knowledge as the reader learns about the Renaissance era and background of some of the greatest and well-known theologians.
I love the way Miller takes the reader on what seems like a real journey. It feels as if you are right there traveling back through time with her as you discover what Marco Polo accomplished in China, who Francesco Petrarch was, learn why ancient kings had so much rivalry and how it stretched over the centuries, what the gunpowder plot was, and John Calvin's encounter with the Hugenots and a multitude of other famous men. I highly recommend it as one of the easiest but well written accounts of the reformation to read.

Indecency: Mild discussion of unfaithful spouses in the royal families
Violence: Brief
Language: None
Age Interest: 15-adult

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