Monday, January 13, 2014

Reading to Your Children May Be More Important than You Think

Guest post by Kelly Crawford:
“If we would only consider the subtle strengthening of ties which comes from two people reading the same book together, breathing at once its breath and each giving the other unconsciously his interpretation of it, it would be seen how, in this simple habit of reading aloud, lies a power too fine to analyze, yet stronger than iron in welding souls together. To our thinking, there is no academy on earth equal to that found in so many homes, of a mother reading to her child.” Elisha Schudder, The Riverside Magazine for Young People
Reading is good,M everyone knows that. It enriches your thought life, aids your reasoning, enhances your communication, and in general, educates the mind.
But what if that is only the beginning?
A Family Program for Reading Aloud provokes me to think that maybe reading aloud to my children is more beneficial to our relationship than even their education...

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