Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christian Book Review: Holocaust: Number the Stars ~ Lois Lowry

My family is studying the holocaust right now and while mom wanted a good story that closely followed what it was like for Jews, she didn't want anything too graphic. Well we found this little book that does exactly that. And children are more spellbound by learning if it is written in story form. After reading chapters, if mom stops, the kids beg for more.

Number the Stars follows the life of 10 year old Anna Marie who is Polish, and whose best friend, Ellen, is Jewish. Anna Marie and  Ellen can't understand why the war is going on, and why Jews are being persecuted and ripped away from their homes and families. When Ellen's parents are forced into hiding, Anna Marie and her family take in Ellen and vow to protect her and her family's whereabouts

. But soon, the fate of Ellen and her family rest in the hands of terrified Anna Marie one dark night. Their whole future might change...for good or bad, no one is sure.

This book even keeps the adult riveted. My mother and I were as excited to pick the story up as the children. A great benefit to a Holocaust study!

Age Interest: 5 and up
Violence: Mild, soldiers slap people, an accident briefly described

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Jennifer said...

Isn't it great? I haven't read it in full yet, but plan to; while looking into Jane Yolen's brilliant Holocaust work "The Devil's Arithmetic" it occurred to me to look into this one again. I can't believe it won the Newberry medal when I was in kindergarten. You must read "The Giver" if you haven't already!