Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kingdom Series ~ Chuck Black

I found this series when I was looking for some literature for mere pleasure, but I wanted it to have some depth of morality. Chuck Black rose to the challenge.

Set in the medieval era, these six books are an allegory of Genesis to Revelations and will not disappoint your appetite for action, love, lessons of truth, and the honor of those who trust in Christ.

In Kingdom's Dawn, Chuck Black introduces the reader into the Kingdom of Arrethrae, where he follows the adventures of young, sixteen-year old Leinad, who is beginning to question why he, a mere farmer's son, is being taught to master the sword, and to be a leader who follows the ways of a King that has been long absent from His kingdom. A tragic event soon changes the whole course of Leinad's future, and Leinad slowly understands the calling he was the King himself.

Leinad and his new found friend Tess endure a life of enslavement, and those who called themselves followers of the King abandon Leinad in his quest.

As the adventures continue, new followers of this mysterious King arise, and to the displeasure of men common and wealthy, a peasant who calls himself a prince.

Cedric of Chessington has only known a life of poverty and despair, and it seems the future will remain as such. Until a strange man gives Cedric and his faithful companion hope.

While on a voyage Cedric meets beautiful Talea; a mysterious woman who has some connection with the old man Leinad that Cedric loves dearly. While trying to figure out the elusive Talea, Cedric uncovers even more puzzling mysteries that encamp around the kingdom of Arrethrae.

Gavin is a Knoble Knight devoted to the code of the King, and fully trusts that he and his fellow soldiers are doing what is right in the eyes of the absent King, until followers of the mysterious peasant stand against their code and make him question his mission in life.

Keanna and Kendra both have a painful past and nothing in which to hope. Their hearts are bitter towards the men that tore their families apart. Where can forgiveness and hope be found while in the shadows of the arch enemy Lucius?

Violence- Throughout the series everyone uses swords and various weapons, though fights are not explained in gory detail.
Indecency- None
Age interest- 12-15


The Editrix said...

I've heard about this series. Thanks so much for your review - I think I'll have to track down a copy of the first book soon. ;-) My brothers might enjoy these, too.


The Editrix said...

PS - I've just tried to become a follower, but for some reason I can't. :-( I'll come back later and try again.

I'm really excited about this new blog of yours, Bria! Can't wait to read more reviews! :-D

Pastor Josh said...

These sound great, I am going to look them up and share this review with a friend of mine who loves Christian alagorical fiction!

Näna said...

I loved reading this series and my little sister is also enjoying them:)