Monday, August 2, 2010

The Golden Goblet ~ Eloise Jarvis McGraw

The Golden Goblet is a thrilling tale of the young, Egyptian, boy Ranofer striving to survive in a culture where gifted apprentices are not noticed. He desires to be a master goldsmith like his father was. But his half brother, Gebu had plans for him that would only profit his own endeavors. While Ranofer longs to have pliable gold and the finest, detailed tools of a goldsmith under his hands, he is instead made to work for a stone cutter.

But this does not damper his optimism for long and Ranofer pursues his dream to the end of the sands of Egypt. But he is daily getting suspicious of his half brother's trade, and one dark and frightful night uncovers a secret in a chest that could change his future forever.

I was captivated by this story. It upheld many morals such as honesty, friendship, and respect. It gives the reader an interesting insight into the lives of the poor and helps him to imagine what life must have been like for young boys who, like Ranofer, had to fight for their success in life.

Caution- It is not from a Christian perspective so there is reference to and belief in the gods of ancient Egypt.
Violence- very little
Age interest- 12-15


Josie said...
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Josie said...

That is a great book!

Maddy said...

Bria I love your new blog!it will be helpful to many young and old alike--who are trying to read good wholesome books
I pray the Lord will bless this new blog to help readers all over

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