Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jane Austen & Vampires~ Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin

"What do handsome heroes, bonnets, and vampires have in common? Not much, but they’re all pieces of the most famous and influential girls literature of all time — literature that has revamped the way thousands of young women view reality, the world, themselves, and romance. In this audio message, we attempted to analyze authors from Jane Austen to Janette Oke to Stephanie Meyer, and lay out the basics of a healthy literary diet." (Click here for more information.)"
I know this isn't a book but it's too wonderful to pass up and something every girl that loves to read should listen to.
Join Elizabeth and Anna Sophia Botkin as they discuss the dangerous temptation to feed on romance and fantasy novels. Do we really consider what we are feeding our literary appetites? Do we care? Why should we care? The Botkin girls explains it all in their captivating and humorous discussion of what we should be 'feasting' on from our libraries. I highly recommend getting this riveting and convicting discussion that motivates every girl to really examine what her bookshelf 'pantry' contains.
This would actually be a wonderful tool for the whole family as it could pertain to more than just girls and romance novels. My mother and I listened to it together and it opened up wonderful discussion examining our literature more closely, studying authors before we decide to read their books, the worldviews therein, etc.

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Kim M. said...

Thanks for the review. I will have to check into this one. I just recently bought the Botkin sons' audio CD for my boys. It was excellent.