Monday, January 16, 2012

Journey to the Center of the Earth ~ Jules Verne

It was an old piece of parchment that held the greatest kept secret on earth, but the one man who found the secret, was dead. And the one to find it, was determined to follow it, no matter where it lead...

Join the rather eccentric Professor Lidenbrock and his practical nephew Henry as they embark on a wild journey that will lead to the greatest scientific discovery of the the very center of the earth!

Mind blowing, scientific discoveries await the eager professor and his companions as they explore the bowels of the earth and its long held secrets.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read although I wasn't expecting much going in to it. Verne does not just give an exciting read but he educates the reader as the professor travels through Iceland and its culture, over oceans, and finally...under the earth itself!

It does not move at a very fast pace as some books, but if you read it through, it is very enjoyable. Verne writes with a different feel that some literary masters. His words captivate the reader in the excitement of the adventure.

The reader or parents giving this to their children just need to be aware this book does have a bit of evolution. (Obviously, considering the title.:)

Indecency: None
Violence: Characters have minor injuries
Language: None
Age Interest: 13-adult

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