Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moment of Courage ~ Scott Brown

"Out of eighty Medals of honor awarded to the Marine Corps in World War 2, twenty-seven were given to men who fought on the shores of Iwo Jima. "

Moment of Courage is a short but powerful read telling the story of the twenty-seven soldiers who fought and ultimately sacrificed their lives for their country and comrades in arms.
A glimpse of four of the brave heroes:
  • Joseph R. Julian " He consistently disregarded all personal danger."
  • John H. Leims "A dauntless leader, concerned at all times for the welfare of his men."
  • Charles J. Berry "Determined to save his comrades, he unhesitatingly chose to sacrifice himself."
  • Donald J. Ruhl "He dived on the deadly missile, absorbing the full impact of the shattering explosion in his own body."
"On Iwo Jima, boys became men in the crucible of pain, suffering, and enormous sacrifice. They jumped on grenades and ran into unrelenting firepower to save their comrades. They ran and crawled and groveled in the dirt to do their duty. We need boys like that today. I hope this book can help a few of them understand the sacrifices of heroism."
This would be a wonderful handbook for fathers and sons as fathers strive to lead their sons in the fight for courageous manhood.

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