Friday, February 10, 2012

The Princess and the Kiss ~ Jennie Bishop

Isn't it difficult to find good story books for children that's not just fluff and nonsense? I am here to tell you...they exist!

Girls of all ages will enjoy this sweet and encouraging story of the rewards of keeping your heart pure. In this story of purity a young princess has been given a special gift by God and her parents have helped her keep it safe for many years. The princess tries to find someone deserving on which to bestow her precious gift God has given her. A man who will one day help her rule the kingdom with wisdom; but sadly, none in the kingdom is worthy enough. Does God remember the princess and her kiss?

A wonderful story book for mothers and daughters to read together and discuss how God gives each of us something very special to guard for our future husbands.

Indecency: None
Violence: None
Language: None
Age Interest: 5-12

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Girls of Grace said...

This is probably one of the nicest books written about a Princess. You are right--most children's books are full of fluff--and modern princess books are no different. Thank God for a book that teaches girls a valuable lesson and is interesting. I LOVE this book.