Friday, May 4, 2012

Family Movie Review: The Adventures of Tintin

The swashbuckling adventures of the beloved comic hero/reporter Tintin come to life in this masterpiece by two of the most brilliant filmmakers. 
 Tintin gets in over his head after he buys a model ship not knowing what secrets it holds.There are others grappling for the secret as well; and they're willing to do anything to get it. Even to kill.  Unaware that he has unearthed a four hundred year old revenge plot, Tintin plows ahead in finding out about this strange artifact named The Unicorn. Tintin soon finds out more than is good for him.
 Taken prisoner and shipped to the middle of the ocean, the only way Tintin can get out of his serious predicament, is placing his trust in Captain Haddock...who happens to never be sober. But Haddock has hidden ties to the mystery behind The Unicorn. That is, if he can stay sober long enough to tell Tintin. 
New enemies and old disputes surface and evolve into a climatic battle. But will Tintin be able to solve the mystery of the Unicorn in time?

 I thought this very well done with an even amount of humor, a meaty plot, and action.

Tintin is your teen Indiana Jones, and slightly more honorable than him as well. :) I was happy to note how mature they presented Tintin. He upheld  morals that most teens don't in movies such as one should never celebrate or revert to drunkenness as Haddock does often.

 Indecency: Captain Haddock is very noticeably drunk some of the time but Tintin often rebukes him for it. Snowy the dog runs through a cow pen and bumps into cow udders. Haddock in attempts to save their lives ( I must be vague so as not to give anything away) burps very long and loud after consuming a medicinal form of alcohol.
Violence: Full of fist fights and constant action and shooting but only one scene with any amount of blood. A man is shot and tries to leave a message with his blood. 
Language: 1 use of swear to God, 1 use of hell and damned (All the swearing comes from Haddock who has an thick English/Scottish accent so some kids might not understand him.) I couldn't understand him at times.
Age Interest: 10-up

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