Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grace & Truth Books

"Each of these delightful volumes are full of Biblical truth, presented in the most winsome possible stories, sure to warm the heart and teach the mind of every family member. The reading level for this set is said to be 4th - 5th grade, but we find children of all ages enjoy them, and even adults often tell us they find them delightful to read." 

This collection is  a wonderful addition to your children's library. We've read all of these and our children love them. Each story is interesting from the start, captivating every age, very well written, and the stories are short(110 pages) so it doesn't take long to read them as a family. Each book examines very important character qualities and builds integrity within those areas. I love the strong family bonds present in many of these books as well. Written in the 19th century, the way this collection is written is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the present day books passed as good literature. Highly recommended from the Crawford's!

Grace & Truth Character Collection

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