Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Murder for Her Majesty ~ Beth Hilgartner

Alice Tuckfield is in a devastating situation no eleven year old should face. She has witnessed her father's death and knows the murderers and their next victim. Her! With no where to turn and the murderers hot on her trail, Alice finds refuge in the unlikeliest place. The London Cathedral's choirboys take her in as one of them. Disguised as a choirboy, Alice soon finds rest and comfort in the simplicity of singing and being educated at the cathedral with her new found friends. She must now win the favor of harsh music master Kenton and continue to convince everyone that she is indeed a boy.

But even the church does not hold refuge forever, it seems. Alice finds out a terrible secret that again threatens her existence.

Though a fun and simple read, I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. The dialogue is witty and well written, the characters lovable from the start.

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Indecency: Mild talk of a couple liking each other, child is disrespectful but repents
Violence: Characters in peril, struck, tied up. Nothing offensive.
Language: This was the only big issue in this book. A lot of it was from the villains. One or two "For God's sake", one "Jesus" "Good Lord", "Sweet Jesus". Though half of the uses are meant with reverence.
Age Interest: 12-18

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