Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: Audrey Amaka ~ Brent Vernon

 " Audrey Amaka didn’t have a long neck like other giraffes.  In fact, Audrey didn’t have a neck at all!  But what she did have was brain power—and lots of it!  Everyone knew that Audrey Amaka had a good head on her shoulders."

"When Audrey's dream of visiting the beautiful and mysterious Curiosity Crescent is finally realized, she finds herself learning important lessons in obedience and responsibility."

Our children love this new series with the funny, neckless, but very smart Audrey Amaka. Vivid and creative pictures, and with every story there is a valuable lesson from scripture to learn. 

Age Interest: 3-10 

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Kim M. said...

That's neat you all are reading these. I went to college with Brent, and have always been fascinated with his talent. Hope you all are well. So glad to see you are still blogging.