Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Maiden's Warfare~ Carol Deladurantey

Press on to heights of glory now,
And keep thou steady eye.

One must not falter in this fight,
Though some may flee or fly.

Take hold the charge thou hast been given,
To battle we must go.

But not with our own maiden hands
Do we take up shield or bow.

We wage this war in words and actions,
With our every deed.

We follow Chirst our Captain,
Thro' HIM we will suceed.

Tell me now have we forgot
The charge from God above?

To keep our hearts in purity, grace
Modesty, truth, and love.

These are our weapons, our shields, our swords;
In this battle we now fight.

We strive not for an earthly king,
But for our God of truth and might!

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