Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Cay ~ Theodore Taylor

Young Phillips who lives on the small island of Curacao where his father is stationed, is thrilled when Germans invade their small island. The terrors of war unknown to him, he just imagines it as a game that he gets to witness. While traveling with his mother, the beginnings of war strike the very ship they are traveling on and a torpedo rips the ship apart, leaving Phillip struggling in the ocean, then knocked unconscious. Waking up, Phillip finds that he is still in the ocean, but on a raft, with a black crew member, and worse yet, his sight is completely gone. 

Phillip is a blind castaway, with a man he doesn't know, and no promise of home. 

"The Cay was one of the few books I've read to my children where they always begged me to read another chapter. The story was gripping. And not only that, but it provided lots of opportunities for discussion--a book I felt taught us something each day." Kelly Crawford
Indecency: None
Violence: None war related, but a slight troubling description of injuries.
Language: None
Age Interest: 4-up 

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