Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Brotherband Chronicles ~ John Flanagan

I will say up front that this series is not Christian, but still an inspiring tale for boys maturing into manhood. Even for me as a young woman reading it, I found the Brotherband chronicles refreshing with it's strong theme of morals and chivalry the boys are expected to reflect. It is not often that you find books with young men of integrity as shown in these chronicles. 

With his mixed heritage of part Skandian/Araluen, fifteen year old Hal has never quite fit in among the Skandian warrior people of Hallasholm. When the times comes for brotherband training in fighting and survival skills, Hal is worried he might not be accepted. Barely making it through the training, Hal finds himself the leader of one of the brotherbands...a motley group of outcasts and misfits like himself. They must learn to work together with their array of odd skills in order to make it one day as a functioning and fighting team. 

The brotherband is forced to learn and use their skills sooner than later as a pirate ship closes in on their town with their eye on the Skandian's most prized treasure. 

Indecency: None
Violence: Minimal
Language: The vikings use expressions of their gods names
Age Interest: 14-up

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